Machine Tool Inspection, Calibration & Laser Alignment

Our machine service Laser Systems measure Horizontal, Vertical, Tilting & Rotary axes. We can accurately measure Pitch, Yaw & Linear errors up to 15 Meters with 0.01um resolution. Roll error to 0.1 Arc/seconds and Squareness & Straightness to 16 feet with 0.0001"/foot with a range of +/-0.040" and 5% deviation. Exact's Volumetric capabilities can measure a 3 axis machine's 21 positional errors (7 per axis).

We can compensate ball screw pitch error and do critical machine re-alignments and provide our customers with “as found” and “as left” reports documenting improvements made. Scheduled inspections and adjustments on their machine tools help our customers produce better quality parts and less scrap under tighter tolerances.